By murali   Posted at  3:10 AM   wamp server localhost not working 5 comments

   Lastest version of wamp server icon is green but when installed first time your system anyone application working on 80 port wampserver will get error . Wampserver always working on 80 port .

Below things are solutions for change icon color Orange to Green.

1.Check 80 port using applications

   Goto  the command prompt type netstat . Its will show all 80 port application .We can stop unnessary application and restart wampserver

If you want stop unnessary application Goto  the command prompt type services.msc.Search your application.

2. Skype 80 port using application

    Login skype

Goto the Tools -> Options -> Advanced Settings (Left side tab) -> Connection ->Uncheck box ( Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connection )



By murali   Posted at  12:01 AM   wampserver 2 comments


   Earlier stage we have only separate package like Apache , MySql ,Php.Those are difficult for installation lot of steps involved in that . We have give correct path in apache and php inside of the code .

  Once instattion completed we had phpmyadmin for database purpose .We can create database i,e create schema and table . Predefine structure in that phpmyadmin table engine and field charactor type we can define phpmyadmin . Phpmyadmin like website admin control panel .

   Its time to know install process . Now whole package available on Internet (WAMP SERVER) .

   Below link you can directly download wamp server . But we choose system platform i.e 32 bit or 64 bit. Php function now deprecated in latest version ex. mysql_connect or PDO .

Here we go for wamp server package Wamp Server Download

PS. I would recommend  phpmyadmin instead Mysql query browser.This is not platform dependent.

Here we go for Mysql Query Browser Mysql Query Browser Download

   Above two package are normal installation process no need any other extra skills . If you install two package you can access browser through type http://localhost . You can see below image in browser.

You can create package or working code place on this path


If you created name as myfirstcode . You will see myfirstcode in above image under Your Projects.

PS. If you have any doubt put comments this page

Magento backup local system to server OR server to local system installation

Magento is big e-Commerece :

   Some magento beginners have lot of problem in magento using here we see the magento installation middle process for local to server or server to local code move.

   Lot of developer installed the magento and do the all work in local system .Finally move to server.As of now we have code backup and Database.Its all backup based on our local system

 Magento database also installed our local environment based stored in database.

 Step 1 :

   Take a backup code and database in your local host.If you are working local or server take a backup from there.

Step 2 :

  Import the database to your system and remember when you install the magento choose your import database name.

Step 3 :

   Middle of installation process do below like image in mentioned.

  •  You want to install in localhost give in Base URL field type or http://localhost.
  • You want to install in server system give in Base URL field type your Static IP http://static-IP.

Adsense alternative site for money making

By murali   Posted at  12:46 AM   youtube adsense account 1 comment

  Adsense alternative site for money making .Title making fulfill our thoughts YES people follow the money in whole life.

  Adsense is very hard to keep our account without banned .Now a days checking quality of contents and checking double click i.e Click fraud .

  They have lot of web master tools and web crawler .So that we don't get adsense account approval or adsense account banned we can use instead adsense.

   I was research alternative adsense.List of below alternative Adsense.
  1. Bidvertiser
  2. Adversal
  3. Skimlinks
  4. Viglink
  5. Infolinks
  6. chitika
  7. ShareASale
  8. Peerfly
  9. Kontera
  10. Interllinks
  11. Exit Junction
  12. Clicksor
If you have any experience above details share your comments.

Adsense Account Approval 100% Legal within Half Hour

By murali   Posted at  1:46 AM   youtube via adsense account 3 comments

Google Adsense Sticker
Adsense Account Approval 100% Legal within Half Hour

I'm very glad to share this golden way.I have started my blogger since 2007 too many adsense account banned but now i have some idea how to create blog and making good quality of content with my experience.

Adsense account making too much policy so we can't get adsense approval easily.But we had another way of adsense acount creating through Youtube.

I was make video for YOU.how to get youtube with adsense account

Here we GO...

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